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The Power of Large Numbers:
Gather Together. Share the Profits.

Traditional Health Insurance is not efficiently provided in our marketplace, which everybody understands. The traditional system is designed to make insurance companies very, very wealthy. VFO HUB has decided to partner with VAULT Insurance to bring you and your clients (regardless of size of the company) access to the very best Health Insurance Programs in America.


The VFO HUB Insurance Pool offers the pinnacle of health insurance innovation. With our partners’ cutting-edge approach, we eliminate unnecessary broker commissions, offer unused premium rebates, provide transparency, deliver seamless claims processing, and treat customers as valued partners.​

The Why
Making Health Insurance More Efficient

  • Traditional Insurance costs are too high

  • Limited transparency

  • Too many middlemen/administrators taking a large portion of the premium expenses

  • If employees are healthy and claims are reduced, the insurance company generates additional profit

  • Too many network restrictions and coverage limitations

  • High deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses

  • Complex enrollment

  • Changing plan options on a yearly basis

The Solution
Partner with an Experienced Captive

Managing your own Health Captive is very challenging, because this requires actually running a successful health insurance company, with all of the relationships with medical networks, hospitals, running an efficient claims process, managing risk, etc. This structure takes many years to perfect and develop. The VAULT/VFO solution is the best of both worlds, in that the client gets to partner with the leading health insurance company in America, without having to operate their own captive.

Some clients will be big enough for their own captive. All other companies (even 1-2 person organizations), who qualify and are invited, can jump into the VFO HUB Insurance Pool, while enjoying incredible service and massive cost savings. The idea of saving your clients 20% to 60% on Health Insurance, while establishing a new revenue, stream is very exciting! DDP/VFO HUB Member associated revenue streams are significant and help us to differentiate into another line of business.

The cost savings comes from three (3) main areas:




Eliminating all of the unnecessary brokers, middlemen, administrative waste, and unnecessary bureaucracy from traditional insurance companies.


Making the claims process much more efficient by paying the hospitals market prices (not retail prices) for their services.


Returning unused premiums back to the business owner if their claims are lower than their premium expenses.


Administrative Costs



IT and other ancillary tools involved in insurance

By pooling as many companies as we can, the savings from buying power will reduce:

Participating employers will join the VFO HUB Insurance Pool and have the opportunity to share in the annual profits.

White Marble

Ready to Join the Mission?

Let's Get Started.

Make a successful move from a fully insured plan to a self-funded plan (which typically reduces employer costs by 20+% per year).

Click the button below to sign up via our form. We will be in touch with next steps.

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